The House is revealed by your questions!

Authentique et garantieWhy Gautrey does differ from the other jewelers?

Gautrey House is the first French Jewelry brand combining Luxury brands Council and Jewelry creation, production and distribution (online or private meetings).

Do you have a warranty of master punches?

All articles jewelry made with precious metals must be punched by a master punch to ensure their metal content (gold, silver, Platinum mostly). Gautrey House has its own master punches to all his creations.

What are your master punches warranties?

Our master punches  of responsibility and creation are a guarantee of security for our customers. These punches are recorded in the Office of the Paris guarantee which can certify the official existence and conformity of a jeweler from the legislation in force. For jewelry precious metal more than 30 grams, a State punch is affixed officially, in addition to our punches.

What are the materials frequently used by the House?

- Silver 925/1000, commonly known as: Silver 925,

- Gold plated and hypoallergenic, directed gold 750/1000 (18 k),

- Gold 750/1000, otherwise called: Gold 18 Carats.

Do you produce your jewels in France?

We create our jewels in France in our centre of creation with our Designers and partners; As Apple does, we outsource selectively our facilities at our lapidary of business in France and abroad; Finally, we broadcast our articles with our own sales network, without any intermediary, online or at home.

How do you control your jewelry in gold or silver?

All the jewelry of the House are controlled at the time of their manufacture and before each shipment. All the silver jewelry, unless explicit and clear, are of course made in rhodium silver. All beads are selected by our partners in Pearl farmers, by our teams.

How do you select your jewelry pearls?

All cultured pearls are selected directly by the House in Pearl-partners farms where we control all key production processes. We have also our own means of quality on-site controls in Asia.

How do you control all your productions steps?

We impose systematic quality controls in all our subcontractors sites so that the articles of the House are blameless; we validate all stages of production from our pearl farmers and lapidary business network, with whom we have a contract of trust, from production sites to customers.

Tell me about the Gautrey House staff?

To accomplish our overall policy, Gautrey House staff consists of graduates in gemology (GIA), jewelry design/manufacture or Management (French  and overseas universities), total Quality management and finally Finance. Together, we speak fluently more than 7 languages allowing us to understand the world of jewelry with an entrepreneurial and ethical approach.

Do you have a policy of eco-responsibility Governance? 

All our items are from sites that are enrolling in an eco-friendly commitment; cultured pearls are selected directly by the House in Pearl-partners farms where we control all production processes steps regularly. We ensure that all our products is consistent with our ethical approach; We check during our visits that the conditions of work and personal development are met according to ethical principles.

Give me specific examples of your eco-responsibility Governance?

All of our packaging and materials used are biodegradable or recyclable. Our long experience in Asia has enabled us to build personal relationships with the Pearl eco-responsible farmers who, in exchange of a long-term partnership, reserve to us their best prices. Our suppliers and partners are selected not only for their expertise, but also for their ethical and environmental commitment.

Where can I find your Terms of sale and Use and how to contact you?

The Terms of sales & Use are available on the website. You can also write to the House which will send them to you by mail or email.

To contact us:

-By email:

-By mail to: 83 Rue Michel Ange, 75 016 Paris,

-By phone: + 33 (0) 1 30 34 67 18.

We are available from Monday to Friday: 9.00 - 18.00 hours and we have an Online chat opened regularly (calls are charged at the current normal rate).